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  1. Affiliated Institutions

    Logistic Service Centre, Ministry of Education

    National Academy of Education Administration

    National Institute of Educational Sciences

    National Center for Education Development Research, Ministry of Education

    Research Centre for Social Sciences Development in HEIs, Ministry of Education

    Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education, Ministry of Education

    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)

    Science and Technology Development Center, Ministry of Education

    Institute of Applied Linguistics, Ministry of Education(Putonghua and Language Test Centre, National Language Commission)

    The Open University of China

    National Centre for Educational Technology (National Resource Centre for Basic Education, Ministry of Education)

    China Education Television

    Educational Equipment Research & Development Center, Ministry of Education

    Education Management Information Centre, Ministry of Education

    Institute for Curriculum and Textbook (National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development, Ministry of Education)

    Secretariat for China Scholarship Council

    Center for Funding Supervision and Management, Ministry of Education

    Center for Minority Education and Development, Ministry of Education

    China Education Press Agency

    National Education Examinations Authority, Ministry of Education

    Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange

    China National Center for Student Financial Aid

    China Higher-education Student Information and Career Center

    China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Centre, Ministry of Education

    Higher Education Evaluation Centre, Ministry of Education

    National Center for Schooling Development Program, Ministry of Education

    China Center for International People-to-People Exchange, Ministry of Education

    China Education Publishing & Media Group

    Secretariat of China Education Association for International Exchange

    Joint Secretariat, National Students Sports

    Secretariat of Chinese Society of Education

    Secretariat of Chinese Association of Higher Education

    Secretariat of China Teacher Development Foundation

    Secretariat of China Education Development Foundation