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  1. Photos

    International students make paper lanterns in celebration of Lantern Festival

    Source: www.moe.gov.cn

    On February 17, 2019, international students from Ghana, India and Ethiopia attending Jiangsu University visited the Erdaogang Community at the Qilidian Street in Zhenjiang. Joining the locals in celebration of the upcoming Lantern Festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals, they learned how to make embellished paper lanterns under the guidance of 82-year-old folk artist Liu Meiliang.

    Folk artist Liu Meiliang teaching international students how to make paper lanterns [Photo/ Shi Yucheng, Wan Chao]

    Folk artist Liu Meiliang explaining to international students how to make a paper lantern [Photo/ Shi Yucheng, Wan Chao]

    International students taking selfies of themselves holding newly-made paper lanterns [Photo/ Shi Yucheng, Wan Chao]